Children’s Tales

An interior collection of castles, dragons and forests to release wee ones’ imaginations.

This collection was created for my final diploma project at the Handweaver’s Studio, London. The pieces were designed for my young child’s bedroom interior.

My aim was to create a children’s heirloom collection which was influenced from nursery decor from the past but which would fit in with today’s clean, modern aesthetic.

It is important to me to have awareness of environmental aspects of textile production and current attitudes of rejecting fast fashion, so I wished to create a selection of desirable pieces with a timeless feel which were also sophisticated enough that they could become cherished, heirloom pieces.

I am drawn to colour and this collection was a joy because it allowed me to play with and explore the mixing of lots of coloured yarns, which I tried to do whilst maintaining an overall light, playful feel.

Kirsty Odds

Hopipola Handwovens is the studio of handweaver and textile designer Kirsty Odds, based in Aberlady on the East Lothian coast. She creates fresh, contemporary woven pieces, predominantly for use in interiors, on traditional looms.

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