Miscellaneous pieces

Tate Modern
Tate Modern handwoven sculpture, 2019

Tate Modern

This was inspired by the renowned weaver Annie Albers, who was exhibited in the Tate Modern in 2018. She famously worked and taught at the Bauhaus, becoming head of the weaving workshop in 1931, and was among the leading pioneers of twentieth-century modernism.

Natural Dyes

When creating these interior pieces, I hand-dyed wool with a variety of natural dyes, including onion skins, tea, coffee and walnut husks. I do like, when appropriate for a project, to use natural fibres and dyes. It is lovely to think that you are continuing a craft and set of skills that have been practised throughout history.

Kirsty Odds

Hopipola Handwovens is the studio of handweaver and textile designer Kirsty Odds, based in Aberlady on the East Lothian coast. She creates fresh, contemporary woven pieces, predominantly for use in interiors, on traditional looms.

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